Hedgehog Love: Celebrating NJ’s Legalization

By doing so, hedgehog owners can rest assured that their beloved pet is protected and not placed in a stressful or dangerous situation. Residents of New Jersey are celebrating a major victory for their state’s wild hedgehogs: Governor Phil Murphy has just announced that the spiny mammals are now officially legal. This news is a huge step forward for animal rights advocates who have been pushing for the repeal of the state’s ban on hedgehog ownership. Having only recently become a legal pet in other states, such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York, hedgehogs can now officially join the ranks of pups, kittens, and guinea pigs as the newest legal companion animal in New Jersey.

Although there are still restrictions in place—hedgehogs must be obtained from a breeder or with Are Hedgehogs Legal In NJ a valid veterinary health certificate and pet owners must buy a $200 state permit—the move marks the beginning of a new era for the animals. The new law is reason for optimism among hedgehog owners in New Jersey, who are now allowed to keep these adorable little creatures as pets without the fear of being fined or arrested for unlawful ownership. While hedgehogs are not typically seen as a cuddly or sociable pet—their prickly spines and nocturnal behavior have earned them a reputation as a solitary animal—many owners have found that they make great companions given a bit of time and patience.

Though they are small, they require a bit of training, enrichment, and specialized care, making them a great choice for those looking for a unique pet. Hedgehogs are also quite clean and easy to care for, making them an ideal pet for busy urban life. With the legalization of hedgehogs in New Jersey, more people will now be able to enjoy the companionship of these funny little creatures. While the end of the ban on hedgehog ownership is a major step forward for the state, animal rights advocates are calling for stricter animal care regulations and enforcement to ensure that the welfare of these animals is protected.