Michigan Medicare Supplement Plans

Michigan Medicare Supplemental insurance plans cover coinsurance, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses that Medicare doesn’t pay for. Benefits for skilled nursing care, emergency foreign travel, and blood work are a few of the plan features. Supplements are standardized, we offer a comprehensive overview of all supplement plans and benefits offered in the state of Michigan.

Michigan Medicare Supplement Plans

In order to have a supplement plan, you must have Medicare Parts A and B and be 65+ years of age. These plans don’t include prescription drug coverage, in order to have prescription drug coverage, you’ll have to enroll in a Medicare Part D prescription plan since supplemental plans don’t cover this.

Also be aware that Medicare Advantage plans do NOT compliment Medicare Supplement plans, be sure to compare the different plan types to ensure you’ve taken advantage of all the coverage that’s available to you.

It’s common for a Medicare beneficiary to have 3 different plans to maximize their coverage:

  1. Original Medicare
  2. Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plan (Part C)
  3. Medicare Supplement

Can You Get Denied Coverage

You can be denied coverage for Michigan Medigap plans if you’re under 65 and don’t have a qualifying illness or disability. You can also be denied coverage if you have a pre-existing condition and are enrolling outside your Open Enrollment Period.

This period last for 6 months and starts the first day of the month you’re enrolled in Medicare Part B and are 65+. You cannot be denied coverage for any reason if you’re enrolling during this six month time frame, if you don’t enroll during this period you can be denied coverage, your benefits may be delayed or you could be charged a higher rate because you must meet underwriting requirements.

Plans Available for Medicare Recipients Under 65 Years Old

Not all states offer supplement plans to those not at least 65 years old. There are some available Michigan Medicare Supplement health insurance options if you are under 65. They offer Plan A and Plan C, but keep in mind that the rates will not be the same compared to the rates for recipients over 65.

Can the Insurance Company Cancel My Policy if My Health Changes

The insurance company cannot cancel your policy if your health changes as long as you continue to pay your premium and enrolled during your Open Enrollment Period.

What Carriers Offer Plans in Michigan

There are dozens of carriers that offer supplemental plans in Michigan. Since all plans are standardized, each carrier must offer the same benefits for each letter plan. This means that regardless of the carrier, the letter plan you choose will have the same benefits.

The only difference is the cost of the letter plan, each carrier can charge their own amount. That’s why it’s important to consult with one of our senior Medicare agents to compare rates with all the top carriers.

A popular carrier in Michigan is Aetna Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Their A+ ratings are derived from their integrity, strive to deliver excellence with the highest quality possible, caring & compassion for customers and they inspire others to make the world a better place.

Michigan Medicare Supplement Subsidy

Beginning in January of 2017, the Michigan Health Endowment Fund administered the Michigan Medicare Supplement Subsidy program. The program will directly pay your insurance provider and is based off your total household annual income. To read more information about the Michigan Medicare Supplement subsidy, click here.