How Assia Djebar is become a famous eminent novelist?

Assia Djebar was a famous feminist Algerian novelist, professor and essayist where she is famous and popularly known women around the world for her post-colonial and feminist views on the Algerian society. These views served as the foundation for all her novels where she was born in 1936 during the Algerian war she came into the adulthood after getting the independence against the French. She spent her war time years interviewing the refugees in Tunisia and Morocco to show the world the colonialism negative effects. In which she wrote her first novel from 1957 and her anti-patriarchal and anti-colonial stance made her to embody the novel. In her first novel she has exposed the big perseverance all through her life as with the attitude of anti-patriarchal in the Muslim society causes the great controversy.

Review about Assia Djebar novels and her literature works

The writings of the Assia Djebar created a huge impact on the lives of the Algerian people, way of their livelihood and their day today activities and their rights. During the Algerian war time Assia Djebar was there in Algeria were the situation and condition of people during the war times has also been focused and included in her writings. Moreover, she has contributed huge number of things and worked to the welfare and development of the Algerian women freedom and to get back their rights through his writings. The novels based on the women rights and freedom of Algeria has received huge popularity and famous from the people of Algeria also it has created more positive impact in the minds of Algerian women. Women community united together and recreated their rights in the Algeria after reading the writings of the Assia Djebar and literature thoughts. Apart from the novelist she is also a social worker where she has done huge number of social works and other benefits to her society.