Guideline for the parts of the Medicare plans

Medicare is the name that pops into every mind when we talk about the health insurance programs after retirement for the elderly population of the US. The people of America are getting facilitated by Medicare since 1965 and up till now it is serving millions of retired people with the health care services. Medicare is the most popular and most successfully working American Retirement Life Insurance Company. But the plans and policies that Medicare offer, are typical and they are not very flexible. To make things easier for the consumers, several other private insurance companies are working alongside Medicare and Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Parts of Medicare plans with Cigna

A private Retirement Life Insurance Company named as Cigna is working as the topmost company for the retirement plans. The medicare policies are divided into parts and plans. Here we are going to briefly describe the parts of the medicare plans that come under Cigna.

  • Part A: Original Medicare Hospital Insurance

The people who have reached the age of 65 or are older, are considered eligible for this part. In this part the Medicare facilitates the policyholders with the hospital needs, helps in financing the extended stays at the hospital, provide care for hospital and to some extent provide services for home care as well.

  • Part B: Original Medicare Medical Insurance

Those policyholders who get rolled for the premium policy are eligible to avail the services of part B. in this part, the outpatient services, and the insurance for the medical services and medical items. In this part 80% of the charges are taken for the patient.

  • Part C: Medicare Advantage

Part C of the Medicare is the one that is offered by the government but the private insurance companies are also offering it. The Part C of the plan is the combination of the facilities of both Part A and Part B. So the consumer can get the benefits of hospital insurance as well as the medical insurance.

  • Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage

This part can be availed for those consumers who have already registered for either Part A or Part B of the Medicare plan. They can now decide whether or not they are willing to get the prescription drug coverage for their plan. This part is also considered as government provided one but still other private companies offer it as well.